This "BK Download Guide" provides the information you need to make copies of / download the ZAP Accounting Software Bookkeeping Template. It also provides instructions for connecting an Unbound Google Script Project for enhanced functionality.

A 6 to 8 Minute Process

The entire process for getting your copies of the Bookkeeping template and the Unbound Google Script project, connecting them together, authorizing the unbound script, and then making relevant operational copies and backup copies takes about 6-8 minutes by someone who knows all the steps by heart.

The number of steps looks overwhelming when you first look at them but they are easy to understand once you get into the flow of the process and you have these videos and a written instructional document for Version A to reference when needed.

There are two Versions of our Download (and Script Connection) Guide

  1. Version A is straight forward and simple. ( 3 videos. 25 minutes. )

  2. Version B provides the process in a more in depth manner AND it is done numerous times at a progressively faster pace. Many people indicate watching it done at a progressivly faster pace is interesting and it helps them grow comfortable with the process. ( 10 videos. 80 minutes. )


If you are going to use either the internal or external google scripts for the added functionality, please be sure to review the PRIVACY menu item for clarity on the privacy related to those items. The messaging from Google when authorizing those is a bit confusing. They are fully private to you, but we explain how you would/could check that yourself.

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