Welcome to the Bookkeeping Template

"Download Guide"


This "BK Download Guide" provides the information you need to "download" (make copies of ) the ZAP Accounting Software Bookkeeping Template.

If desired it also provides instructions for downloading and connecting an Unbound Google Script Project for enhanced functionality, along with an education on Privacy for this Script Project that ensures your Privacy if you use it.


For most, this will be the FIRST of several Support Websites you will use while pursuing mastery of the ZAP Accounting Software Bookkeeping Template.

There are two Versions of our Download Guide found on the main menu of this website.

  1. Version A is straight forward and simple.

  2. Version B provides the more educational information in more depth and at a progressively faster pace so you can see what it might look like if you became proficient with this download and file connection process.

Before taking off to Version A or Version B please consider doing the following...

  1. Please read the rest of this page

  2. Please Bookmark this website along with the ZAP Accounting Software Website and all the other Support Subdomains you visit for easier repeat access during your learning process.

  3. Please review our Privacy Page found on the top menu of this website. It will cover in advance the authorization process you will encounter as part of this process.

  4. If you see links called "Supporting Document" Links near or around our videos, they provide supplemental information for the videos.

      1. Most of our videos are done without any editing.

      2. Errors presented in the videos are highlighted and corrected in the supporting document.

      3. We are far less concerned about perfection than we are about breadth of offerings and ease of uptake.

      4. Supporting Documents also provide new information and updates since a video was made .

      5. There aren't many of them at this time, but as time passes and feedback related to errors and omissions in the videos comes in they will become more relevant.

  5. While this website was created very specifically for Downloading the Bookkeeping Template, it serves as an exceptional UNIVERSAL REFERENCE for making copies of any google sheet, google doc, google slide, and/or Unbound Google Script Project shared publicly on the internet where the original file owner or permitted editor has allowed file copying to transpire.

  1. You will learn about Universal Privacy issues you need to understand related to copying files from someone you don't know and trust

  2. You will learn the technical details you need to know to connect Unbound Google Script Projects to Google Files ( docs, sheets, slides) for supplemental functionality provided by a "Scripting Library", which is what the collection of scripts in a Google Script Project is referred to before or after it is connected to another file for use.

  3. In Version B we cycle through the steps at a faster and faster rate and go deeper into this educational process. Some folks may find that very interesting.

Bookkeeping Template Scope and Disclaimer

The instructions in this website presume you have watched all the Intro Videos for the ZAP Accounting Software Bookkeeping Template found on the ZAP Accounting Software Home Page and the Resources > Videos > Bookkeeping Template page of the website. Those videos help with understanding the very specific and limited Scope of Use for the Bookkeeping Template in context of a full and healthy Digital Accounting System.

If you have not viewed those, please do so now.

As a reminder:

  1. This Bookkeeping Template WILL NOT fulfill all your Bookkeeping Needs.

  2. It is meant to fulfill a very specific and important subset of those that are common to everyone which include:

      1. This template provides systems for storing financial transactions with mathematical mechanisms for cross-checking with third party bank statement header data for accuracy if desired.

      2. This template provides a system for managing category lists (account lists) and a system for categorizing transactions

      3. This template facilitates the creation of an Income Statement from Categorized Transactions

      4. The template facilitates the creation of a Balance Sheet from Categorized Transactions for those in Small and Mid-Size Business who need one.

  3. We offer additional file templates in one of two Broad Categories and several subcategories that provide other Bookkeeping and Accounting functionality such as Invoicing, Point of Sale, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc that some of you may need to complete your Accounting Systems.

  4. That said, this Bookkeeping Template is the one everyone needs to learn about first, so no matter who you are, you are in the proper starting spot.

Version A or Version B a summary to choose from...

The entire process for getting your copies of template and Google Script project, connecting the Unbound Google Script Project to the Template, authorizing it and then making relevant operational copies and backup copies takes about 6-8 minutes by someone who knows all the steps by heart.

The number of steps looks a little overwhelming when you first look at them but they are easy to understand once you get into the flow of the process.

To help you in a way that fits you best, we've created TWO Versions of Instructions.

Version A is a very straight forward set of instructions without much explanation for anything and without much education. You just want to get this behind you. The only area that may throw you for a loop is the Authorization Process. The messaging from Google is scary and if you don't trust us and don't know how to review the scripting file yourself to prove to yourself it's benign with your privacy in mind, you may struggle a bit. For those that feel that way, you can in fact just download the template and use it without the script functionality if desired and that is mentioned briefly in Version A and covered in far more detail in Version B and on our Privacy page.

Version B offers a super Educational Process. It also offers the full configure process done several times at a faster and faster pace to helps you get a good feel for what the process looks like once you know all the steps and are more comfortable with them.



Your Next Steps AFTER you complete the information found in Version A and/or Version B of this website...

Once you get Version A and/or Version B of this Download Guide digested, you have choices:

BK DemoData Guide - The template you downloaded with the help of this website has 1 year's worth of Demo Data in it for John Doe Acupuncture. The BK DemoData Guide uses that data to provide an exceptional, in depth learning experience for Bookkeeping, Accounting and an introduction to our Bookkeeping Template simultaneously. Our preference is you consume this information before moving on to the Configuration process. There are over 2 hours worth of videos and documents, and most will likely need some of the information in some of videos for an optimum user experience.

BK Configuration Guide - The BK Configuration Guide provides step by step instructions for removing the demo date from the template, making a copy of the template without demo data and configuring the accounts and other custom configurations needed to customize it for your use. While you'd be better off educationally if you consumed the BK DemoData Guide first that is not required to perform the work found on this website. After you finish with the Configuration Guide you will be ready to move on to the BK User Guide for basic use although some may be better off at that point to circle back to the BK DemoData Guide for greater understanding first.

You may also want to return to the Bookkeeping Template Landing Page or the BK Master Guide to seek out other educational resources to create your own order for education and learning.

Be well.